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Mobile Security Patrols

Marshal National Security Services can provide uniformed mobile security guards that can visit and inspect your premises at agreed times. Our mobile patrol officers will conduct physical checks for damage or possible intruder breaches.
In addition, our officers will conduct a "walk and check" of your facility. We also provide digital camera surveillance which may be used to enhance incident reports.
Mobile Patrols are a cost-effective and visible deterrent when full-time security is not practical. Each security patrol contract is tailored to your requirements, from external security patrols, carried out by our mobile guards at random times, too complete internal security patrols. Their aim is to create the most visible deterrent to any would-be troublemakers or opportunists and ensure peace of mind that all is secure.
Key Holding and Alarm Response
Your property is most vulnerable during evenings, holiday periods and weekends. When an alarm is activated, the problem may be as simple as a false alarm, but that alarm could also signal a serious security issue. Don't put yourself or co-workers at risk responding to an alarm in the middle of the night, our key holding and alarm response team can help.

Static Security Guards
Despite the title of Static Guarding, our guards are far from stationary. A vital part of their duties is to conduct regular and thorough security patrols. One of the popular misconceptions for the public is that our security officers patrol to catch intruders. In reality, due to the security measures we have already put in place, intrusions are rare.

These security patrols vary both in time and route, in order to ensure the element of surprise should an incident occur. If an incident does occur, it is always logged in the appropriate incident book. This may become important evidence if the police need to be called.
The main reasons for security patrols are:
  • To prevent fire, flood and damage to your property.
  • To prevent waste of your company's resources.
  • To prevent accidents.
  • To detect and prevent offenses.