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To reserve your seat in our upcoming classes, a non-refundable deposit  is required to hold your seat. On the first day of class you will be required to
pay the remaining balance.
Level 2 Non-Commissioned Security Officer
We now offer the unarmed level 2 training course in house. This course is required by the Texas Department of Public Safety for those entering the security field. This course is 6 hours in length and includes instruction in:

  • Prevention and Deterrence
  • Ethics
  • Perception of the officer
  • Liaison between the Police and Client
  • Observation and Reporting
  • Emergency Response
  • Offenses and Arrest
  • Types of offenses
  • Radio Procedures
  • Report Writing
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Texas Penal Code
Classes are held every day of the week including Saturdays.

Level 3 Commissioned Security Officer
This course is mandated if you want to carry a firearm as a security officer in Texas. This course is 40 hours and includes instruction in:
  • Private Security Act
  • Commission Rules
  • Texas Penal Code
  • Ethics
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Public Perception
  • Firearms, Shotgun & Handgun
  • Arrest Authority
  • Use of Force & Deadly Force
All classes are held the first week of each month begining on Monday.

O.C. Pepper Spray
The student will be trained in how to carry, deploy, and use OC Spray as well as when the use is appropriate and inappropriate.  OC Spray can be carried by level II and level III officers.
All classes are held the first Saturday of each month.

Expandable Baton

The Basic Course consists of a four (4) hour certification course. Basic Course certification techniques include Stance, Patterns of Movement, Baton Grip, Baton Methods of Carry, Baton Draws, Baton Two-Handed Grip Blocks, Baton Counter Strikes, and Baton Retention. This is a well-rounded training approach that provides officer protection at three specific ranges for concluding an attack.
All classes are held the first Saturday of each month.